Physics ∩ ML

a virtual hub at the interface of theoretical physics and deep learning.

Past talks:

01 Dec 2021

Uncovering the Unknowns of Deep Neural Networks: Challenges and Opportunities

Sharon Li, University of Wisconsin - Madison 12:00 ET
03 Nov 2021
20 Oct 2021

Machine Learning Application for the Event Horizon Telescope

Joshua Yao-Yu Lin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 12:00 ET
06 Oct 2021

Normalizing Flows for scientific applications

Uros Seljak, UC Berkeley 12:00 ET
22 Sep 2021

Differentiable Physics Simulations for Deep Learning

Nils Thuerey, TU Munich 12:00 ET
08 Sep 2021

JAX MD: A Framework for Differentiable Atomistic Physics

Sam Schoenholz, Google Brain 12:00 ET
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