Physics ∩ ML

a virtual hub at the interface of theoretical physics and deep learning.

Upcoming talks:

28 Jul 2021
11 Aug 2021


Miles Cranmer, Princeton 12:00 ET
06 Oct 2021


Uros Seljak, UC Berkeley 12:00 ET

Past talks:

14 Jul 2021

Learning Differential Equations

Jesse Bettencourt, University of Toronto, 12:00 ET
16 Jun 2021

Explaining Neural Scaling Laws

Ethan Dyer, Google, 12:00 ET
02 Jun 2021
19 May 2021

Are wider nets better given the same number of parameters?

Anna Golubeva, Perimeter Institute, 12:00 ET
05 May 2021

Explorations at the Physics ∩ ML Interface

Kyle Cranmer, NYU, 12:00 ET
21 Apr 2021

Machine Learning for Calabi-Yau metrics

Fabian Ruehle, CERN and Oxford, 12:00 ET
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